Press Release

Press Release

Development and Marketing of Infrared Lamp Heater for Factories ~Heats up factory entrances to a comfortable temperature~

October 17, 2016
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. (President and Director: Satoru Katsuno; Headquarters: 1, Higashi-shincho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture) and Metro Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd. (President: Seiji Kawai, Head Office: 11-1 Terada, Yokoyama-cho, Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture) jointly developed an infrared lamp heater for factories. This device is capable of instantly warming factory entrances, which are exposed to cold air during the winter.

High-ceilinged factories have large shutter-type entrances to transport products. In an effort to keep its buildings warm during the wintertime, plants previously had to constantly send boiler-produced steam into warm air generators; this, in turn, had been causing energy losses.

The new heater offers instant startup, reaches its maximum heating capacity in three seconds, and is capable of only heating the necessary space on an as-needed-basis. No warming-up step is thus needed with this device, thereby contributing to energy conservation.

The new device's heat source is a pure coal heater formed by highly-refined carbon fiber, enabling the heater to emit infrared ray in large quantity. With the rapid body-heating effect of these rays, the heater creates a warm and worker-friendly environment in the cold of winter.

Metro Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd. will start taking orders for the new infrared lamp heater for factories as of today.

Key features of the infrared lamp heater for factories

Key features of the infrared lamp heater for factories
  1. Quick startup
    This heater instantly starts up and reaches its maximum heating capacity in three seconds. No warming-up is needed.
  2. Effective full-room/limited-area heating
    Under an atmospheric temperature of 10°C this heater is capable of raising the sensible temperature (Note) to 30°C at a distance 3 meters away from the device.
  3. Offers just the right warmth; doesn't hinder factory work
    This heater employs a pure coal heater, thus emitting infrared ray which offers a rapid body-heating effect. As a result, factory staff can work under an adequately heated environment.
  4. Healthy, clean heating
    With its heat-emitting feature, this heater can provide comfort comparable to the warmth of sunlight. It's also a clean, dust-resistant heater.

(Note) Sensible temperature refers to the temperature measured by a type of thermometer which has a thermocouple inserted into a black-colored sphere (i.e. globe thermometer)

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