Press Release

Press Release

Development and Marketing of CAONS140L: an Air-Source Circular-Heating Heat Pump-Further promoting the use of hot-water heating source heat pumps at factories-

October 24, 2016
Toshiba Carrier Corporation
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.
Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.

Toshiba Carrier Corporation, Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc., and Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. jointly developed CAONS140L (heating capacity: 14 kW) , an air-source circular-heating heat pump. Dedicating itself to the use of heat around 60°C, this system requires lower installation costs compared to previous heat pump systems.

The product will be released from Toshiba Carrier December 2016.

Factories use electric heaters and boilers in great numbers within the various heating steps of their manufacturing processes. As heat pump systems are now becoming a new option for factories, an increasing number of plants are adopting the conventional heat pump system marketed by Toshiba Carrier (hot water extraction range: 50 to 90°C) .

Customers are looking at the power-saving benefits brought by introducing highly efficient heat pumps, particularly for material and/or parts cleaning, degreasing, and other processes; steps in which hot water or treatment solutions are heated up to around 60°C.

Customers considering the installation of heat pumps into these processes were calling both for reduced installation costs, as well as pump systems that are usable at lower ambient temperatures.

CAONS140L was accordingly designed with a primary focus on the highly demanded capability of using heat measuring around 60°C, and can also function under a new temperature range. We adopted a compact water heat exchanger and optimized the refrigerating cycle to both integrate and reduce the weight of the heat pump's body. As a result, customers can install the new system at a lower cost.

Features of the developed device (CAONS140L)

「瞬時起動対応小型電気ボイラー」 (ワンショットボイラー) の主な特長
  1. Offers a 25%-lower base price and lightens the installation cost burden
    CAONS140L integrated and reduced the weight of the heat pump body, which used to be separated into two systems in the previous model. Compared to the older model, CAONS140L is offered at a 25%-lower base price; is easier to install, and; can be introduced at lower costs, including construction expenses.
  2. Hot water extraction temperatures range from 20 to 64°C, and is operable at an atmospheric temperature of -20°C
    CAONS140L can be employed not only at around the highly demanded temperature of 60°C, but under a new temperature range as well. Customers can thus apply this new heat pump system for snow-melting purposes and farming/business-related heating, in addition to industrial processes. As for surrounding temperature conditions, CAONS140L can work under lower ambient temperatures compared to the previous model. Whether installed indoors or outdoors, customers can use CAONS140L without any worries.
  3. Saves energy with high operating efficiency (COP3.4)
    CAONS140L offers high operating efficiency (COP3.4). This enables customers to save energy by around 60% compared to boiler-steam, hot-water production approaches.

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