Press Release

Press Release

Gas Sales for Residential Customers

January 30, 2017
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Chubu Electric Power is proud to announce that today it arranged gas rate menus for residential and restaurant business customers. Chubu Electric Power will newly start selling gas from April 2017 to customers using city gas in Toho Gas Co., Ltd.'s (hereinafter "Toho Gas") supply area.

The arranged menus are the KatEne Gas Plan 1-3 for households and the business-oriented BizEne Gas Plan 1-4, making for a total of seven varieties. Prices have been set lower than the gas rate menu offered by Toho Gas.

Chubu Electric Power also arranged the KatEne/BizEne Gas Set, an option that discounts 2% off the gas rate when customers sign a contract both for electricity and gas.

Comparing current Toho Gas rates with KatEne Gas Plan 1, which is a choice for a majority of residential customers, customers can save gas rate costs by some 8% when combined with the KatEne Gas Set.

Moreover, a discount around 7% would be possible in contrast to Toho Gas' new menu, the Gasu-teki Toku-toku Rate.

Chubu Electric Power will begin accepting applications for these rate menus online and by phone starting January 31st. 

Chubu Electric Power will responsibly engage in security. It will also work together with three firms well-versed in gas security and one of Chubu Electric Power's Group companies, thereby putting in place a security system ranging across 28 locations and boasting 300 staff members.

To coincide with applications for the menus, Chubu Electric Power will also launch a promotional effort dubbed Gasu-mo-hajimeru! Campaign.

Seeing the full liberalization of gas retail as an opportunity, Chubu Electric Power aims to broaden its share in the gas market with a goal of acquiring 200,000 new customers in the coming five years. As a leading total energy service company focusing on gas and power, Chubu Electric Power will make effort to provide service conducive to the comfortable lives of customers.

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