Press Release

Press Release

Chubu Electric Power Company and LEGOLAND® Japan's Signing of Official Marketing Partner Contract

March 02, 2017
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. is proud to announce that today it signed with LEGOLAND® Japan Limited an official marketing partner contract (hereinafter "partner contract") for the theme park LEGOLAND® Japan. This will be J apan's first outdoor LEGO® theme park, and is to open in April 2017 at Minato Ward, City of Nagoya.

Chubu Electric Power Company will serve as the park's sole electric power and gas business partner.

Based on the closing of the contract, a LEGO® block model of a power facility will be showcased inside the park's attraction called the Observation Tower.

Moreover, the Electricity Museum and Hamaoka Nuclear Exhibition Center, both of which are Chubu Electric Power Company's promotional exhibition facilities, will put models of LEGO® block power establishments on display. The promotional facilities will also offer a special feature of LEGOLAND® Japan's attraction "Build and Test (note)" three times a year.

Chubu Electric Power will contribute to vitalizing the Chubu area as LEGOLAND® Japan's partner. At the same time, Chubu Electric Power will further improve the content of its promotional exhibition facilities and offer fun opportunities to learn about energy. These will be intended children, who are bearers of the next generation, and will foster their curiosity and imagination through hands-on education experiences.

(Note) Build and Test is LEGOLAND® Japan's attraction at which visitors can enjoy building small model cars with LEGO® blocks and running them on a test course.



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