Press Release

Press Release

Efforts concerning technological management strategies

April 25, 2017
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

We hereby announce that Chubu Electric Power has organized its efforts concerning technological management strategies.

Use of technologies such as IoT and AI, known as the "Fourth Industrial Revolution", is drastically changing the structure of economy and society.

In such change of environment, we have promoted utilization and development of advanced technology and have advanced efforts for "strengthening and enhancing business foundations" and "creating new businesses and services".

In order to further deepen such efforts, digital innovation group was established within group management strategy headquarters on April 01. By enhancing coordination concerning technological management strategies of the entire Chubu Electric Power group, synergy effect will be demonstrated by the group as a whole and efforts such as open innovation will be promoted.

We will continue to strive to realize a "general energy company group that goes ahead of others".

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