Press Release

Press Release

Harnessing Weather Forecasts and Using AI and IoT for Comfortable and Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner Operations: Demonstration Tests to be Performed in UR's Rental Housing to Realize Comfortable and Low Carbon Emission Residences

June 07, 2017
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Urban Renaissance Agency (hereinafter "UR"), Environment & Energy Research Institute Inc. (hereinafter "EER"), Japan Weather Association (hereinafter "JWA"), Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (hereinafter "IIJ"), and Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. (hereinafter "Chubu Electric Power") have agreed to work on a joint research in UR's rental housing. The research involves controlling air conditioners based on weather forecasts and aims for realizing comfortable and low carbon emission residences.

Based on weather data along with consumed energy, indoor environment, and other data collected by AC-mounted IoT power strips, the joint research will use a pre-existing model of proper air conditioner operations and verify efficient air conditioner operations.

The first goal for the five organizations is to start demonstration tests at UR's greater Tokyo or Chiba area rental housing, from and after October 2017.

EER, JWA, IIJ and Chubu Electric Power will harness the latest AI and IoT in striving to realize Connected Homes that can enrich people's lives. The companies also will contribute to promoting Smart Wellness Housing and "zero-energy" homes.

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