Press Release

Press Release

Demonstration Tests to be Conducted to Develop New Local Service: Using ICT and Distributing Useful Local Information via Utility Pole Signs

June 20, 2017
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. (President & Director: Satoru Katsuno), Chudenkogyo Co., Ltd. (President & Director: Satoshi Takeo), and Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (President: Yoshitoshi Kitajima) have decided to conduct demonstration tests with the cooperation of Toyota City (Mayor: Toshihiko Ota) from October 2017 in the City's central area. The testing is aimed at developing a new local service that uses utility poles to distribute weather, event, and other useful information of the community.

In the demonstration tests, electronic paper, which excels in visibility and blends with the cityscape, will be installed into six of Toyota City's utility poles and be used as a medium for displaying useful local information. The electronic devices can offer timely information corresponding to their location by having information distributed to them through the Internet.

Apart from Toyota City, newly called out private businesses will also offer useful local information for the demonstration test.

Chubu Electric Power is deliberating advanced use of utility poles that harnesses ICT equipment. The company will engage in verification efforts to use the poles, many of which installed in public space, as a platform for distributing information beneficial for local residents.

Catering to requests from Toyota City and private businesses, Chudenkogyo will, on a trial basis, run a system that distributes useful local information to the electronic paper.

Dai Nippon Printing will consider providing, operating, and increasing the use of electronic paper, as well as information-distributing equipment and applications.

Toyota City will provide information on events and other matters useful for local communities and explore the potential of new resident-geared service.

The three companies and Toyota City will advance its deliberations to use utility poles, many of which installed in public space, as a means for offering new service to local residents.

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