Press Release

Press Release

Development of a high-power heater for holding molten metal -Achieved the world's highest watt density of 35W/cm2-

July 18, 2017
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.
Yamato Co., Ltd.

We hereby announce that Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. (Headquarters: Higashi-ku, Nagoya; President and director: Satoru Katsuno) and Yamato Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hirano-ku, Osaka; CEO: Ryuta Tsujii) have jointly developed the "AL-TIMATE-HEATER," a high-power heater for holding molten metal with the world's highest watt density (Note 1) of 35W/cm2, allowing smaller dimensions that are about one-tenth the previous size while maintaining the same power. Yamato Co., Ltd. will begin accepting orders for this heater from today. 

 (Note 1) Watt density: Value obtained by dividing the heater power by the heater surface area. The higher this value, the higher the power output will be.

Using a heater instead of a burner when holding molten metal at an aluminum or other non-ferrous metal foundry reduces energy consumption, and also allows the molten metal to be kept at a high quality.

However, since conventional heaters had low watt density and were large in size when high power was required, locations were limited to where they could be installed.. Therefore, there were expectations for the development of a compact heater that would not be restricted by location of installation.

This newly-developed heater has the world's highest watt density of 35 W/cm2, achieved by realizing an increase in calorific power by improved heat transfer capability to the molten metal through the use of filler (Note 2) and protective tubes (Note 3) that easily conducted heat, optimized heating wire diameter and pitch (Note 4), and increased heater voltage.

This allowed the heater dimensions to be reduced, expanding options for installation locations.

Furthermore, as the heater is domestically manufactured, the delivery time can be drastically reduced compared to internationally manufactured heaters.

By offering the "AL-TIMATE-HEATER" to our foundry clients and other companies, we hope to support energy conservation efforts.

Main characteristics of the "AL-TIMATE-HEATER"  

  1. World's highest watt density
    Achieved the world's highest watt density of 35W/cm2for a molten metal-holding heater.
  2. Expanded options for installation
    As the heater dimensions are only a tenth of its previous size, it can also be installed at the discharge outlet of the holding furnace, which is smaller than the holding chamber.
  3. Enhanced energy conservation
    The amount of energy used for the heat source can be reduced by using the burner and heater together compared to using the burner alone.

(Note 2) Filler: Used to fill the inside of the protective tube to prevent excessive expansion of the heating wire. The filler used for this heater uses technology developed by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Chubu Center and Yamato Co., Ltd.

(Note 3) Protective tube: Tubing in which the heating wire is kept to insulate the heating wire and molten metal.

(Note 4) Pitch: Coiling interval of the heating wire.

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