Press Release

Press Release

Commercial Operation Begins at Nishi-Nagoya Thermal Power Station No. 7-1

September 29, 2017
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Chubu Electric Power announces that it today started commercial operations of Nishi-Nagoya Thermal Power Station No. 7-1.

Nishi-Nagoya Thermal Power Station No. 7-1 has achieved thermal efficiency of at least 62 percent (lower heating value (note)), which is at a world-class level for thermal power generation. When combined with No. 7-2, the construction of which is underway, Group No. 7 can reduce both LNG consumption by 500,000 metric tons a year and carbon dioxide emissions by 1,400,000 metric tons per annum.

Chubu Electric Power will strive for the stable operation of No. 7-1. With continued understanding and cooperation of local residents and relevant parties for No. 7-2's construction work, the Company will carry the work forward while giving highest priority to safety.

(Note) A method that excludes the evaporation heat of water vapor generated in the event of fuel combustion.

[Overview of Nishi-Nagoya Thermal Power Station]


 3-5, Higashihama, Tobishima Village, Ama District, Aichi Prefecture


 No. 7-1: 1,188,200 kW, No. 7-2: 1,188,200 kW
(Group No. 7: 2,376,400 kW)

 Power generation system

 Multi-shaft combined cycle power generation system
(Three gas turbines + One steam turbine)×2 blocks


 LNG (Liquefied natural gas)

 Thermal efficiency

 62 percent or greater (lower heating value)

 Start of power generation facilities work

 December 2013

 Start of commercial operation

 No. 7-1: September 29, 2017
 No. 7-2: March 2018 (Scheduled) 

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