Press Release

Press Release

Construction Plan for Kurokawadaira Hydroelectric Power Station

March 02, 2018
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Chubu Electric Power would like to announce its decision to construct Kurokawadaira Hydroelectric Power Station at Otagirigawa River belonging to the Tenryugawa River system. The power station will harness water released from the Shin-Otagiri Hydroelectric Power Station as well as unused head.

The Kurokawadaira Hydroelectric Power Station is a run-of-the-river power station with a generation capacity of 170 kW. Chubu Electric Power plans to start constructions in FY2020 and commence the station's operation in FY2021.

Chubu Electric Power will develop the station under the understanding and cooperation of local authorities and residents.

To contribute to achieving improved energy self-sufficiency rates and to reducing greenhouse gas, Chubu Electric Power is actively engaging in the development of renewable energy. Hydropower generation, in particular, has the potential of providing stable electric power generation. Chubu Electric Power will thus maintain efforts to develop both conventional and regular water-flow release hydroelectric power stations.
Chubu Electric Power will also systematically modify existing hydroelectric power station facilities to boost output and electric power generation alike.

[Overview of construction plan]

Name of Station

Kurokawadaira Hydroelectric Power Station


Miyada-mura, Kamiina-gun, Nagano Prefecture

Water system

Tenryugawa River System, Otagirigawa River


170 kW

Max. water consumption


Effective head

Approximately 11 m

Projected annual electricity output

Approximately 1,030,000 kWh
(equivalent to annual electricity consumption of 330 average households)

Reduction in CO2 emissions

Approximately 500 tons per year

Start of construction


Scheduled start of operation


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