Press Release

Press Release

Revision of Chubu Electric Power Group's Management Vision: Aiming for a Leading Total Energy Service Corporation

March 27, 2018
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Chubu Electric Power has revised the Chubu Electric Power Group Management Vision (hereinafter "Management Vision").

Japan is experiencing a population decline and a slowdown in economic growth, which are consequently aggravating various social challenges. To cater to trust and expectations and to keep serving as a top-choice utility for customers and society, Chubu Electric Power considered it necessary to reexamine what value the Group should offer to customers and society, thereby deciding to present a future course of and strong will toward further change in the Management Vision.

The environment around Chubu Electric Power Group is changing rapidly, but Chubu Electric Power's corporate philosophy on providing energy essential for life and contributing to development of society will remain unchanged.

With a Management Vision revised for a new era, efforts will be stepped up to put the corporate philosophy into practice.

More specifically, on the premise of applying and flexibly using advanced technology for a new approach to stable energy supply, Chubu Electric Power will:

  • transition to a business model that separates power generation from retail, develop into a stronger corporate group with each business unit's independent efforts, and increase the earnings from energy businesses; and
  • establish "providing a new community platform" as its new growth area in addition to energy businesses, and develop that area as a core source of earnings.

Chubu Electric Power Group will work to fulfill its unwavering mission of always providing environmentally friendly and high-quality energy in a safe, reasonable and stable manner.

Based on that effort, the Group will also keep trying its hands at creating new value in step with changes of the times, aiming to become a leading total energy service corporate group that provides customers with better-than expected services ahead of competitors.

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