Press Release

Press Release

All Units of Nishi-Nagoya Thermal Power Station Goes Into Operation

March 30, 2018
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Chubu Electric Power is proud to announce that today Nishi-Nagoya Thermal Power Station No. 7-2 went into commercial operation.

This marks the Station's Group 7 fully entering commercial operations. Now all units of Nishi-Nagoya Thermal Power Station have started operating.

Chubu Electric Power would like to express sincere appreciation to local residents and relevant parties for understanding and cooperating in construction projects for the Station.

Efforts will be maintained to provide high-quality and low-carbon energy in a low-cost and stable manner.

[Overview of Nishi-Nagoya Thermal Power Station]


3-5, Higashihama, Tobishima Village, Ama District, Aichi Prefecture


Group No. 7: 2,376,400 kW

(No. 7-1: 1,188,200 kW, No. 7-2: 1,188,200 kW )


LNG (Liquefied natural gas)

Power generation system

Multi-shaft combined-cycle power generation system
(Three gas turbines + One steam turbine)×2 blocks

Start of construction

Group No. 7 December 2013

Start of commercial operation

No. 7-1: September 29, 2017
No. 7-2: March 30, 2018

Thermal efficiency

62% or greater (lower heating value)

LNG reduction effect

500,000 tons/year

CO2 emissions reduction effect

1,400,000 tons/year

[Panoramic view of Nishi-Nagoya Thermal Power Station]

A picture of Nishi-Nagoya Thermal Power Station photo taken on February 19,2018

(Photo taken on February 19,2018)

[No. 7-2 Power generators]

(Photo taken on March 22,2018)

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