Press Release

Press Release

On Starting the "mimamori-pole" Service, Preventing Crime on the Streets and Monitoring Properties Using Utility Poles

July 18, 2018
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

We will be providing the "miamori-pole" service which makes Chubu Electric Power's utility poles available for preventing crime on the streets and monitoring properties in Aichi, Gifu (excluding certain areas) and Mie (excluding certain areas) Prefectures.

"mimamori-pole" is a collective term for the recording and monitoring services that Chubu Electric Power provides using the camera installed on our utility poles. We are planning on providing a "street crime prevention service" and a "properties monitoring service" as part of "mimamori-pole".

This service is one of Chubu Electric Power's many efforts to solve various social problems facing the community.

The "street crime prevention service" for which we will start accepting application tomorrow , will use cameras installed on Chubu Electric Power's utility poles in public spaces such as public roads to act as a deterrent for street crime. We will be marketing this service towards residents' associations, shopping districts and municipalities.

The "property monitoring service", for which we are planning to start accepting applications this fall, will use cameras installed on Chubu Electric Power's utility poles on the customer's property to monitor the property and will send an email to the customer when a trespasser is detected. We will be announcing the start date as soon as it is determined.

Chubu Electric Power as the utility pole manager will install the camera as well as conduct maintenance for both services, minimizing the customer's burden in the installment process and in operating the cameras.

We will also be considering enhancing the "mimamori-pole" services, collaborating with the "Dokonyan GPS BoT" service that was started in May 14 of this year, for example.

Chubu Electric Power will continue to utilize its energy infrastructure to increase convenience and solve challenges facing our regional customers.

[Overview of the "mimamori-pole" service]

Street crime prevention service

Property monitoring service


Deter crime

Monitor the property

Target customers

Residents' associations, shopping districts and municipalities

The owner of the land on which Chubu Electric Power's utility poles are installed on

Shooting location

Public roads and other public spaces

Customer's property

Application acceptance start date

July 19, 2018

Fall 2018

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