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Press Release

Building a "Regional Information Bank" that Provides Livelihood Support through the Distribution of Regional Information - Cooperating with Regional Service Businesses to Conduct a Demonstration in Toyota-shi, Aichi -

November 29, 2018
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
curations Inc.
TOYOTA Town Management Co., Ltd.

Chubu Electric Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, Chubu Electric Power) and Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, DNP) will conduct a demonstration for three months starting in mid-December with curations Inc., Toyota-shi, TOYOTA Town Management Co., Ltd., and YAMANOBU Inc. involving gathering, managing and distributing individuals' personal data (Note 1) with their consent for the creation of a "regional information bank" that "increases the efficiency of and enhances regional services" and "increases convenience in making routine purchases".

[Background and Overview]

Recently, discussions are taking place within the government among others about an "information bank (information trusting function)" that manages and utilizes vast amounts of personal data with the individual's consent. A model case needs to be established to realize such an information bank —it has to be proven that a diverse set of individuals and businesses can participate safely and securely and reap benefits.

In this demonstration, the "regional information bank" is entrusted with data related to the tester's individual characteristics and daily behavior, which in then aggregated and sent to service businesses (retail stores such as supermarkets) based on a set of conditions predetermined by the tester. The tester will be able to receive more convenient services in their daily grocery shopping and such as the service business delivers tailor-made services to the tester based on the provided data.

This demonstration will help extract the challenges in providing and operating the "regional information bank" service, assess the potential uses for the information for the service business, and test the business model as it contributes to the revitalization of consumption within the region and resolution of regional challenges.

[Points of Note in the Demonstration]

1. Gathering everyday life data through sensors

In addition to the personal data gathered through questionnaires conducted on testers, a system will be built for data produced in daily life such as electricity usage in a home and records of the body composition meter to be automatically sent to the "regional information bank", eliminating some of the tester's burden.

2. Reducing the burden of the tester in setting data use conditions, and supporting service businesses

Testers can easily specify the service business to whom their data will be provided and the data to be provided.

The service business will receive data compiled in a useful package by the "regional information bank" and can use the data to send information to the testers.

3. Operation of the service based on the guidelines formulated in the Study Group Held by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

We will operate and manage the information bank based on a contract concluded pursuant to the "Guidelines of Certification Schemes Concerning Functions of Information Trust ver. 1.0" issued by the MIC and METI to prevent information leaks and the unintended use of information that may occur when the "regional information bank" is entrusted with the personal data from the tester and when providing the data to the service businesses.

[Role of Each Company]

Chubu Electric Power Co., Ltd.

Investigate challenges facing the realization of a "regional information bank" as primary agents in the demonstration

Gather testers, coordinate with the service businesses, provide data on the testers such as their characteristics and electricity usage

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Formulate a plan for the demonstration and service model, provide the foundation for the "regional information bank"

curations Inc. 

Provide a system to gather data from the body composition meter and connect to the "regional information bank" (IoT platform "plubenlly")


Provide a community for the demonstration, positioning the demonstration as part of activities conducted by the "Toyota-shi Connecting Society Demonstration Promotion Committee"

TOYOTA Town Management Co., Ltd. 

Provide shopping services in the mall "T-FACE" in front of the Toyotashi station


Provide shopping services at the supermarket "Super Yamanobu"

[Future Development]

Chubu Electric Power and DNP will utilize the knowledge and knowhow gathered in this demonstration to gain an information bank certification from the Information Bank Promotion Committee of the Information Technology Federation of Japan and aim for the popularization and expansion of the "regional information bank" business by enhancing coordination with local municipalities and service businesses. The six companies that have participated in this demonstration will continue to study services that will increase customer convenience with the use of the "regional information bank".

(Note 1) "Information related to an individual" that is broader in scope than the "information that can identify the living individual" as stipulated in the Private Information Protection Act, and includes location information, purchase history and other information that cannot be used to identify an individual.

(Note 2) A organization established to build a social system that can efficiently solve the issues facing Toyota-shi and to realize a new smart city by actively using AI and IoT while strengthening relationships with "local residents, industry, local financial institutions, academia and government" and their diverse resources.

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