Press Release

Press Release

On the Start of New Services Using Renewable Energy - Expanding "Korekara Denki", a Customer Participation-Based Transaction Service -

January 25, 2019
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Chubu Electric Power will start a "service for the self-consumption of solar power" and a "CO2-free electricity plan" as new services using renewable energy.

We will be seeking to meet the various needs of our customers interested in renewable energy and in reducing the environmental burden with this new plan.

Our company will continue to develop transaction services and platforms for value and electricity generated using renewable energy.

1 Service for the self-consumption of solar power (Starting in February 2019)

We will be using the rooftops of stores and plants to install and operate solar power generation facilities on them. Customers will be able to use the electricity (self-consumption of electricity) produced from solar power with no initial cost of installation. We will be starting this service in February 2019.

By using the electricity generated on the premises, customers will likely see a reduction in electricity prices and on the environmental load. Solar power will also be useful as an emergency power source in disasters.

A monthly service charge will be levied on customers as payment for the electricity provided.

We will provide an affordable and appealing service, leveraging the know-how that our partners including Looop (headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Soichiro Nakamura) have on installing solar power generation facilities.

2 CO2-free electricity plan (Starting around July 2019)

We will provide a CO2-free electricity plan for businesses and households using electricity generated using our company's renewable energy power sources (hydropower and such) and the renewable energy from producers currently under the FIT scheme, of which the fixed-price period will begin ending in November 2019.

Through this plan, customers will be able to reduce their CO2 emissions and impact on the environment.

Details of the plan will be decided in April 2019, and the service is slated to start in July 2019.

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