Press Release

Press Release

On the Establishment of the Corporate Venture Capital Fund "Chubu Electric Power Community Support Fund"

March 26, 2019
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Today, Chubu Electric Power has decided to establish a corporate venture capital fund "Chubu Electric Power Community Support Fund (hereinafter, this Fund)" on April 01 to accelerate commercialization in new growth areas.

In order to realize our growth strategy, Chubu Electric Power will also establish the Business Creation Headquarters this April that will develop new businesses. (Announced on December 18, 2018)

This Fund will be an internal fund housed within the Business Creation Headquarters and will swiftly invest in startups with advanced technology or revolutionary business models as well as other venture capital funds. The Fund will be looking to invest on the scale of 5 billion yen in the next five years.

Chubu Electric Power will actively collaborate with more companies than ever before with the establishment of this Fund which will support open innovation projects within the Business Creation Headquarters.

[Overview of this Fund]


Chubu Electric Community Support Fund

Investment period

Five years between April 2019 to March 2024

Scale of investment

5 billion yen

Investment target

Startups and venture capital funds that invest in startups with advanced technology such as AI and IoT or revolutionary business models that lend themselves to connected homes, health care, smart cities, mobilities, energy management, and data application businesses

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