Press Release

Press Release

Development of Compressor Optimized Operations Service Utilizing IoT and Launch of Demonstration Project in Kingdom of Thailand

October 10, 2019
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Chubu Electric Power applied for a grant from the Ministry of the Environment-subsidized project "FY2019 Subsidies for Business Expenditures Relating to Carbon Dioxide Emission Control Measures (Co-Innovation Project to Create and Promote Low Carbon Technology for Developing Nations)" for the purpose of expanding a new energy solution service. Today, Chubu Electric Power announces that it received a decision by Global Environment Centre Foundation, the subsidy program executing agency, to grant the subsidy. The development and demonstration projects will now commence with the goal of realizing this compressor optimized operations service utilizing IoT.

This project will be implemented with the aim of expanding in Thailand the Compressor IoT Optimized Operations Service (Note 1), which has already achieved proven results in Japan. The IoT device used in Japan will be renovated and set up in plants and other locations in Thailand, after which the communications between Thailand and Japan will be tested and training and other services provided for local facility managers on compressors and energy use reduction ("energy savings").

To promote energy savings, the Thai Government has announced a plan to reduce unit energy consumption 30% from the 2010 level by 2036. This policy has greatly augmented the need for manufacturers in Thailand to reduce their energy use.

In addition to the Overseas Energy-Saving Support Service (Note 2) previously provided, Chubu Electric Power will strive to contribute to the realization of a low carbon society and United Nations SDGs through the promotion of energy savings and CO2 reductions in Thailand with the new expansion of the Compressor IoT Optimized Operations Service.

(Note 1)Compressor IoT Optimized Operations Service

The service achieves energy savings and CO2 reductions through the use of IoT devices installed in compressors to analyze data uploaded to the cloud and thereby propose greater operations optimization.

(Note 2) Overseas Energy-Saving Support Service

The service proposes energy savings based upon on-site surveys and data measurements conducted at overseas plants of customers who have electricity supply-and-demand contracts in place with Chubu Electric Power.

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