Press Release

Press Release

The development of the ultra-fast fine-bubble floatation separator "RaFloM-HE": Significantly reducing the costs of cleaning solutions and cutting fluids used at automobile factories, etc.

January 09, 2020
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. (President Satoru Katsuno; head office in Higashi-ku, Nagoya city) and Kansai Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. (President Hiroaki Sakurada; head office in Otsu city, Shiga) have announced that they have today started taking orders for their jointly-developed "RaFloM-HE" (hereinafter the "Developed Product"), an ultra-fast fine-bubble (Note1) floatation separator that can significantly reduce the costs of cleaning solutions and cutting fluids at automobile factories, etc.

Cleaning solutions, used in cleaning processes at automobile factories, etc., are normally used repeatedly. The more the solution is reused, the greater the amount of oil and sludge (Note2) contained (hereinafter "Impurities") becomes. For this reason, filters and other means are used to filter out Impurities.

Similarly, cutting fluids, used when cutting items on lathes, etc., need to have Impurities filtered out if they are to be reused.

Filters used in this process must be replaced or cleaned very frequently, generating high management costs for the filters themselves and labor involved.

The Developed Product generates fine bubbles and mixes them into a spent cleaning solution or cutting fluid so that Impurities in the liquid attach themselves to the bubbles. The Impurities attached to the bubbles rise to the liquid surface, enabling efficient removal. The fact that filters only need to process liquid that has most of its Impurities already removed, consequently extends the life of filters and reduces the number of times they need to be cleaned, thereby cutting management costs substantially. A verification test conducted by the two companies showed that the management cost was cut by half.

Having fine bubbles mixed into a cleaning solution also boosts the solution's cleaning performance.

The Developed Product will be promoted mainly to automobile factory operators, helping them resolve issues in their cleaning and cutting processes.

(Note1) Fine bubble: Very small bubbles measuring 0.1 - 0.01mm in diameter. Fine bubbles are used in the industrial, chemical and medical fields for their unique properties, such as being "slow to rise," "easily water-soluble" and "retaining the bubble state longer."

(Note2) Sludge: Sediments consisting of metal powder, rust, etc.

[Main features of the Developed Product]

  • Reducing the management cost
    The use of fine bubbles allows efficient removal of Impurities from spent cleaning solutions and cutting fluids, which significantly cuts the management cost (including the cost of filters and the labor cost for filter cleaning and replacement). A verification test conducted by the two companies showed that the management cost was cut by half.
  • Extending the life of cleaning solutions and cutting fluids
    The Developed Product lowers the level of contamination in a liquid and slows down its degradation, thereby extending its life.
  • Improving the cleaning effect
    Reused cleaning solution retains fine bubbles, which helps boost its cleaning performance.
  • Reducing odor
    Fine bubbles' aeration effect reduces the amount of odor-causing substances such as hydrogen sulfide.


Rated voltage

Single phase AC100V

Power consumption


Processing capacity



400mm wide ×712mm deep ×1599mm high


Approx. 40kg

Reference price

Approx. 3 million yen

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