Press Release

Press Release

Selection Results in Second Public Call for Research Proposals on Specific Nuclear Power Topics

March 05, 2021
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Chubu Electric Power is pleased to announce that we have selected a proposal that was submitted in response to the second public call for research proposals on specific nuclear power topics.

In the interest of advancing research contributing to further safety enhancement and operational improvement of the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station, further promoting research and development of new technologies greatly needed for promoting and utilizing nuclear power generation in the future, and contributing to the development of personnel who will lead the future of nuclear power, Chubu Electric Power solicited proposals in the second public call for research proposals on specific nuclear power topics, a program which is of greater scale in terms of funding and time than other (general) public calls for research that we have issued, from November 16 until December 22, 2020. (announced on November 06, 2020)

We received a total of nine proposals in response to our call. The opinions and advice of outside academics were taken into account in the selection process and a decision made based upon the selection criteria (consistency with Chubu Electric Power needs as well as research novelty, creativity, etc.) detailed in the application guide. We are pleased to announce that the following proposal has been selected.

Selected research proposal

Feasibility study on the use of concretion formation for ultra-long-term sealing of fractures and voids of hydraulic pathways in an underground environment

Principal investigator

Hidekazu Yoshida, Professor/Director, Nagoya University Museum, Nagoya University


This research focuses on the phenomenon of naturally occurring carbonate concretion (Note 1) formation to demonstrate in an actual underground environment the groundwater ingress suppression effect of filling material which has been developed by applying short-term concretion formation and ultra-long-term sealing (Note 2) effect.

In geological disposal of high-level radioactive waste that is currently being considered, the suppression of groundwater ingress, which is the purpose of this research, is an important element in geological disposal planning. The aim of this study is to establish a technology for ultra-long-term sealing to suppress ingress of groundwater into underground spaces necessary as part of the boring and utilization of large underground spaces, which are used in geological disposal.

Note 1: Concretion: Natural cement that solidifies over the long-term as minerals are deposited and fill in spaces between particles in sediment. It preserves fossils and remains of living creatures inside it and mostly grows spherically.
Note 2: Sealing: To fill in apertures and/or joints with a filling material or other substance to make it airtight or watertight.

The chosen studies will be conducted through to the end of FY2025, with research results to be released upon completion.

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