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Press Release

Development of High-performance Electric Deep Fryer for Commercial Kitchens -Fine oil temperature control realizes consistent quality at reduced cost -

February 15, 2010
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. (President and Director: Toshio Mita; Head office: 1, Higashi-Shincho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan) and Nichiwa Electric Corporation (President: Toru Okada; Head office: 12-5 Sanda City Techno Park, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan) have jointly developed a high-performance electric deep fryer for commercial kitchens*1. Nichiwa Electric Corporation will begin sales of the product in June 2010.

Croquettes, fried chicken, and other deep-fried foods are frequently cooked in large batches using electric deep fryers equipped with heating mechanisms in commercial electric kitchens in restaurants, supermarkets, and the like. The achievement of further cost reductions is desirable, for example by reducing the amount of power consumed and the amount of frying oil employed.

Through the development of an oil temperature feedback control system*2 enabling fine control of oil temperature, we have been able to reduce power consumption by controlling excessive heating by the heater.
Because this system maintains a constant oil temperature, there is minimal unevenness in frying as a result of differing temperatures, and consistent quality is achieved no matter when the items for frying are placed in the fryer.

In addition, the newly developed fryer uses a horizontal rather than a conventional vertical heating mechanism. Because a horizontal heating mechanism has a high rate of heat transfer, it is an ideal adjunct to the oil temperature feedback control system, which minimizes fluctuations in output. The use of the horizontal heating mechanism has enabled the amount of oil employed to be reduced against electric deep fryers that use conventional heating mechanisms.

The heat-producing section of the horizontal heating mechanism also has a wide clearance, making the unit easier to clean.


Main features


(1) Realization of consistent frying quality with reduced power consumption

In addition to realizing consistent frying quality, the new fryer reduces annual power consumption by 6% and annual CO2 emissions by approximately 200 kg against conventional electric deep fryers (termed "conventional products" below).


(2) Reduction of volume of frying oil

The use of a horizontal rather than a conventional vertical heating mechanism in the new fryer has reduced the volume of oil used per year by 13% against conventional products.


(3) Reduction of labor required for cleaning

The use of a heating mechanism with a wide clearance in the heat-producing section has made the cleaning process easier, reducing labor by approximately 50%.


(*1) Electric deep fryers are used in commercial kitchens to cook fried foods such as croquettes and fried chicken in large batches.  

(*2) Oil temperature feedback control system detects changes in oil temperature resulting from changes in operating status (whether or not there is food in the fryer, changes in the volume of food in the fryer, etc.), and maintains a constant oil temperature by switching automatically between various modes, such as "Heat-up," "Standby," and "Fry." When the oil temperature is close to the set temperature, the system controls excess heat by gradually reducing the temperature of the heating mechanism. This minimizes fluctuations in output and in oil temperature.
By contrast, the ON/OFF control widely used in conventional products repeatedly turns the heater on and off when the actual oil temperature matches the set temperature. Because of this, there are significant fluctuations in output, and the oil temperature fluctuates several degrees above and below the set temperature.


[Contact for product inquiries]

Nichiwa Electric Corporation, Nagoya Branch (Contact person: Hitoshi Matsuyama +81-52-701-9851)


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