Press Release

Press Release

Determination of the Chubu Electric Power Group Management Vision 2030

February 24, 2011
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

This is to report that Chubu Electric Power has determined the Chubu Electric Power Group Management Vision 2030 (hereafter Management Vision), which establishes the image of the group that we aim to achieve by the year 2030.

Japan is facing a major period of transition. In addition to problems with a declining birthrate, an aging population, and energy resources, the country is also facing responses to global warming and other such issues. Under these circumstances, there is greatly heightened awareness of the energy industry's important pioneering role in building a sustainable society, and people's expectations of this group are growing ever higher.

The Chubu Electric Power Group is taking this occasion of the 60th anniversary of the company's founding to respond to those expectations by renewing our vision of how the business originated while also formulating our view of the future. The intentions and ideas that we hope will transcend the times are embodied in the Chubu Electric Power Group Corporate Philosophy, and we have formulated the Management Vision in light of that philosophy.

The Management Vision was arrived at by examining what form we think the Chubu Electric Power Group should take through times to come in order to respond to the trust and the expectations of our customers and society. We have defined the image we aim to be a corporate group that satisfies all energy-related needs and keeps growing. The management orientation that will achieve this vision is given in the 4 Missions.

<The 4 Missions>

1. Ensure stable supply of low-carbon, high quality energy at reasonable prices

2. Become "the top corporate group in energy services"

3. Increase revenues through active overseas business deployment

4. Establish a business base that ensures growth


Chubu Electric Power Group will accomplish the mission of delivering a stable supply of good-quality, affordable energy that is friendly to the global environment at all times. In doing so, we will contribute to the development of the Chubu region while also making advantageous use of the technological capabilities and the bountiful knowledge we have cultivated in our domestic business to actively pursue development in overseas and other growth business fields.

The entire group is committed to continuing to take up new challenges so as to assure sustained growth by means of the above measures.



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