Press Release

Press Release

Change of Scheduled Start of Commercial Operation at Tokuyama Hydroelectric Power Station

November 28, 2011

This is to announce that Chubu Electric Power has decided to change the scheduled start of commercial operation of the Tokuyama Hydroelectric Power Station, Unit 1, currently under construction. The start of commercial operation will be postponed one year.

Since the start of the construction of the Tokuyama Hydroelectric Power Station, itself in October 2009, Chubu Electric Power has aimed to start commercial operation in June 2014.

However, in the process of doing excavation for the power station to date, we have found that the bedrock is deeper below the surface than advance study results indicated. This necessitated new countermeasures such as soil-retaining work.*1 Moreover, heavy snow at the end of January this year resulted in work interruptions and other issues, causing work to fall behind schedule.

Taking the construction history and other factors into account, Chubu Electric Power reviewed the entire plan up to the start of commercial operation. We concluded that it would be difficult to complete construction of Unit 1 within the schedule originally established, and have therefore decided to postpone the start of commercial operation by one year until June 2015.  

Power station excavation work is already complete at Unit 2, so we expect to begin commercial operation there as planned in June 2014.

In order to start commercial operation of the Tokuyama Hydroelectric Power Station, Chubu Electric Power will continue the construction work with the top priority on safety as we seek the understanding and cooperation of the local community and others concerned.

*1 Temporary work to prevent collapse of the surrounding ground during excavation.

Schedule of start of commercial operation

Before change

After change

Unit 1

June 2014

June 2015

Unit 2

June 2014


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