Press Release

Press Release

Completion of Shipment (Return) of New Fuel Assembly for Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station Unit No. 3

March 08, 2012
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Chubu Electric's Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station, Reactor No. 3 (boiling water reactor; rated electric output: 1,100 MW) has returned a new fuel shipment, as per the details provided below.



1. Period of transport  

From February 6th 2012 (Mon.) to March 07th 2012 (Wed.)  (Note)

(Note) Date on which shipping was completed in U.S. (Local time)

2. Route of shipment

Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station - Areva NP (Richland, Washington, U.S.A.)

3. Quality shipped

New fuel assemblies (Uranium fuel): 1   (in 1 shipping containers)

4. Mode of transport

Land and sea transport




Reason for return

During inspections conducted prior to acceptance of the shipment in FY2010, the direction of mounting of a part in one new fuel assembly was found to be incorrect, and it was decided to return the assembly to the manufacturer for repair.(Reported October 26, 2011)

Overview of shipping containers used for this shipment


Weight of shipping containers (Note 1)





Approx. 1,100 kg

Approx. 530 cm

Approx. 83 cm

Approx. 82 cm

(Note 1) Without inclusion of new fuel asssembly

The shipping containers employed satisfy the technical criteria established by law.

The shipping containers are owned by Nuclear Fuel Industries. Ltd.

Future shipment plans

As announced on October 26, 2011, all FY 2011 shipments of new fuel, including return of new fuel assemblies, have been completed with this shipment.

We are currently coordinating with parties concerned regarding specific shipping plans for FY2012.

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