Press Release

Press Release

Start of Work to Raise Height of Tsunami Protection Wall at Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station

September 27, 2013
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

In order to heighten the effect of preventing flooding within the power station grounds to the greatest possible extent, Chubu Electric Power will increase the height of the Tsunami protection wall from the present Tokyo Bay mean sea level (T.P.) +18 m to T.P.+22 m. (Press Released December 20, 2012)

In July of this year, we began removing crown concrete from the western end of our tsunami protection wall in preparation for raising the wall's height. After that, we performed detailed design work, studied work plans, and the like. This is to announce that today we started the work to raise the height of the tsunami protection wall, beginning from the western end.

Chubu Electric Power will engage all its resources in the sure and steady effort for tsunami countermeasures to further enhance the safety of Hamaoka Nuclear Power Station. We are also committed to providing detailed explanations of the substance of those countermeasures to contribute to the peace of mind of local residents and society at large.


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