Initiatives Related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I)

Developing Human Resources

Chubu Electric Power proactively makes investment in human resources development, such as training and personal development, to encourage employees’ self-growth.

Training System Chart

Training System Chart

In addition to training by rank, which is designed to encourage changes in the thinking and behavior matched to positions, we offer training by purpose to support employees who are exploring their own careers and self-transformation and taking up challenges accordingly.

Next-generation Leader Development Training

Diversity training

We are continuously nurturing next-generation leaders who can foresee what value Chubu Electric Power should provide from a long-term perspective and can formulate and execute a new strategy amid a drastic change in the business environment.

Newly-appointed Supervisor (Coaching) Training

We provide training for supervisors on coaching skills so that they can nurture and support employees while encouraging their independence.

Moving-up-a-step Training for Female Chiefs

We provide training for female employees to raise awareness and cultivate skills necessary for taking active roles as a leader of an organization.

Personal Development Support

In FY2022, we introduced an online learning service for all employees to help them achieve self-directed career development. Additionally, we have enhanced various systems designed to help employees to acquire qualifications and skills, which are highly related to our operations, and are proactively making investment in human resources.

Systems for Personal Development

  • Using video learning content ("Udemy Business")
  • Qualification acquisition support
  • Taking external correspondence courses
  • Group activities to hone operational skills
Diversity training

Supporting Self-Directed Career Development

Besides holding career consulting interviews, we will extend the target group of our career training from 52-year old employees to 30- and 40-year old employees, with the aim of enabling them to recognize the assigned role and the organization’s expectations placed on them and then develop career themselves to realize a self-directed working life (in terms of a workstyle and lifestyle).

Increasing Transfers Through Internal Job Posting Systems

In addition to the conventional project-based job posting system, we have introduced a "My Career" job posting system (for routine transfers) in FY2023 as an effort to respond to employees’ willingness to take up challenges. We posted 42 posts in routine transfers during the summer of FY2023 and plan to gradually increase the number of applicable posts in the future.

Target : Using internal job posting systems for internal transfers: 300 posts (FY2025)

Evaluation System

Feeding Back Performance Evaluation Results

We conduct detailed evaluations of capabilities of individual employees and their degree of contribution to the Company’s business results.
While feeding back the results from supervisors to employees, we also provide opportunities to facilitate communication for employees’further growth.

Multifaceted Evaluation

To boldly take up the challenge of responding to changes in the business environment, it is important for employees in management positions, who are at core of the workplace, to conduct human resources management that can lead to sustainable growth of both an organization and people. As a means of supporting such management, we conduct multifaceted evaluation to help them hone their management capabilities.

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