Human Resources(Diversity)

Developing Human Resources

As the business environment undergoes drastic changes, we are systematically establishing a development curriculum such as stratified training to foster human resources who are capable of understanding the Chubu Electric Power Group Mission, management challenges, stance, and values, and putting them into action. We have also adopted online seminars to conduct seminars that align with diverse workstyles.

Training by rank

Training participants are expected to develop an understanding of the roles of ranks and gain knowledge and abilities necessary for these roles.

Training by rank

Diversity training

As part of our promotion of diversity, we mainly focus on training to promote the development of female employees’ careers and male employees’ involvement in housework/child-raising.

  • Seminars for balancing work with childcare and nursing care
  • Female chief career development training
  • Self-setup training, and other training
Diversity training

Strategic human resource development training

To create new value in new business fields, we provide training to develop skills related to strategic planning and finance.

Practical training

We provide technical knowledge and skill training relating to the department’s business. We also provide the training enabling participants to learn common skills that increase efficiency and improve the sophistication of operations.

Personal development support

We leverage a range of systems to support personal growth to enable employees to obtain qualifications and skills highly related to their work.

  • Correspondence courses
  • Qualification acquisition support system
  • Domestic study-exchange program
  • Groups for improving business skills

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