Human Resources(Diversity)

Developing Human Resources

As the business environment undergoes drastic changes, we are systematically establishing a development curriculum such as stratified training to foster human resources who are capable of understanding the Chubu Electric Power Group Mission, management challenges, stance, and values, and putting them into action.
We have also recently adopted online seminars to conduct seminars that align with diverse workstyles.

Supporting the Growth of the Individual

We are supporting human resources who aspire to a higher level through seminars necessary for acquiring specialized knowledge and skills that are directly linked to practice, and external correspondence courses and systems to support the acquisition of various certifications and qualifications, in addition to instructions given by superiors at the workplace in everyday operations.

Management Support for Managers

We are supporting human resource management that will lead to the sustained growth of the organization and the individual by providing coaching and other skill-acquisition opportunities to managers who are essential to the workplace, as well as opportunities to exchange opinions on various systems including safety and work arrangement systems (the utilization of flexible working hours and telecommuting) through the DEMAE Jinji (On-site education by the managers of the Human Resources Center).

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