Human Resources(Diversity)

Respect for Human Rights

To realize a society where all human rights are respected, we have established the Chubu Electric Power Group Basic Human Rights Policy in part to fulfill our corporate social responsibility. We have launched awareness-raising programs, in the form of harassment and discrimination training and seminars, to put into action corporate activities in accordance with this policy.

In addition, if a human rights issue is encountered, we have a system in place to conduct a factual verification and then take appropriate action.

Chubu Electric Power Company-Wide Human Rights Awareness Promotion Plan

In accordance with the Chubu Electric Power Group Basic Human Rights Policy, we systematically and continually implement the following awareness-raising activities so that we may fulfill our corporate social responsibility with the goal of realizing a society in which all human rights are respected.

  • Human Rights Awareness Training

    So that personnel have a proper understanding and increase their awareness of the problem of social discrimination and other human rights issues, Chubu Electric Power takes advantage of opportunities when stratified training and workplace training is provided to educate our employees about these issues. In addition, we actively participate in outside training on human rights issues sponsored by relevant government agencies and organizations.

  • Human Rights Awareness-raising Programs

    To raise personnel’s awareness of and respect for human rights, we hold awareness-raising programs during specific times of the year, such as Gender Equality Week (June 23~29) and Human Rights Week (December 4~10).

  • Consultation Services

    Toward achieving our aim of creating positive workplaces that are comfortable to work in, we have strived to raise recognition and awareness among employees and coworkers about our Harassment Consultation Service and Human Resources Consultation Office, both of which support this aim.

  • Cooperation with Chubu Electric Power Group Companies

    To raise awareness about human rights throughout all Chubu Electric Power Group companies, we are cooperating with affiliates to implement human rights awareness-raising activities.

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