Press Release

Press Release

Formulation of “Chubu Electric Power Group Management Vision 2.0”: Accelerating Our Efforts en Route to 2050

November 24, 2021
Chubu Electric Power Co.,Inc.

Today, we established the “Chubu Electric Power Group Management Vision 2.0” (“Management Vision 2.0”).

Since we formulated the “Chubu Electric Power Group Management Vision” in March 2018, government decarbonization policies have accelerated, digital transformation evolved, the pandemic broke out, and other events have brought the environment surrounding the energy business to a historical turning point. We view these drastic changes in our business environment as a new business opportunity and challenge to be forthrightly addressed. That is why “Management Vision 2.0” anticipates the society that we are aiming for in the year 2050 and embodies what we will realize by the year 2030.

We envision that our society in the year 2050 will be carbon-free, safe, secure, decentralized, and recycling-oriented. We also anticipate that electric power will allow us to optimally control all kinds of things.

As we approach 2030, Chubu Electric Power Group is expanding the domains in which we do business to include real estate, resource recycling, and other sectors in addition to our energy business. We will transform our business model, accelerating our efforts to develop platforms interconnecting these businesses and applications that deliver value-added services.

Moreover, along with energy systems, we will work to decarbonize all social systems by raising our goal of increasing renewable energy by at least 3.2 million kW (1.2 million kW over the previous goal), cofiring hydrogen and ammonia in thermal power generation, and maximizing nuclear power generation, among other efforts.

Even in the midst of a rapidly changing business environment, we will strategically invest 1 trillion yen over the 10-year period through 2030 principally in our global and renewable energy businesses with the aim of achieving consolidated ordinary income of 250 billion yen by 2030.

As each and every one of our human resources, our intrinsic corporate value, grows and excels in their performance, the Chubu Electric Power Group will create new value springing from the resolution of issues our community and society face and, at the same time, we will realize sustainable growth together with all of our stakeholders.


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